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As you'll quickly appreciate, the world of online poker is a very big place. There are hundreds of thousands of poker players online at any one time, and all of them have but one aim - to remove the chips from their stacks and add them to their own. If you're new to the big wide poker realm, then getting starting can seem like a tough prospect.

Well, I am here to help you to quickly settle into this bewildering world. Don't forget, I was once like you - I sat down at my first table and didn't really even know if a straight beats a flush (hint: it doesn't!). The large stack of chips I had at my disposal quickly shrivelled until I was destitute.

Thankfully, I am a little more poker-savvy these days. You won't see me seated at the WSoP just yet, but I can hold my own up to the mid-stakes tables. If you encounter me in Heads-up poker play, then prepare to be de-chipped!

Gathered here are all the miscellaneous poker articles that don't really fit anywhere else on the site. You'll already read our exclusive reviews of the top poker rooms, no doubt - and maybe the basic guides to some of the more popular poker variants. Here you can delve further into the sometimes bewildering world of online poker.

If you're struggling to get a grip of the poker lingo, then I have a complete poker dictionary for you. If you get bamboozled by terms such as "Implied Pot Odds" and "Voluntary Put Money in Put" then my lexicon of poker terms will be somewhere you can turn to.

Speaking of "Implied Pot Odds" you will soon learn that as you rise through the levels, poker becomes a very technical game with sophisticated strategies - it stops from being like checkers and ends up more like chess. I've written a few basic poker articles concerning the more detailed aspects of some strategies which should act as a jumping off point should you wish to delve further into the intricacies of expert poker play.

Of course, poker is not a game that can take place without its players. I've written a few poker profiles about some of the top names in the game, including Chris Moneymaker (the guy responsible for the whole online poker boom), Phil "The Brat" Hellmuth, Antonio "The Magician" Esfandiari and the top European female poker player, Victoria Coren.

I also have a few reviews of the kind of software you can use to aid you in your online poker playing, such as Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker. These games will help you to gain the edge over your opponents by giving you the finer details concerning their play whilst tracking mistakes in your own game.

Poker Dictionary

If you come across any poker term that you don't understand, you can refer to my exclusive poker dictionary to explain them. What's the different between a shark and a fish? What does someone mean when they say "I was only an ace off broadway" ? If someone makes a donk bet, does that mean the sound of their chips hitting the table? All these terms explained and more!

Poker Strategy - 1/8 - Odds and Outs

The most important question you need to answer whilst you are playing poker is ... what do I do next? If you learn how to work out your hand odds and pots odds, then you're a long way down the line to be able to work that out. This article will tell you what "outs" are, how to calculate hand odds and pot odds and what to do with them once you've worked them out.

Poker Strategy - 2/8 - Implied Odds

Sometimes folding is the wrong decision, even when your hand odds and the pot odds say you should. You can often make up the "missing" money by the amount of chips you can prise out of your opponents in future streets. This is where "Implied Odds" come in - you can alter the odds in your favor when certain circumstances dictate.

Poker Strategy - 3/8 - Position

The number one mistake that new poker players make is playing every hand in exactly the same way. Where you are currently sitting in relation to the dealer has a big say in how you can play each hand. I'll show you why being the small blind is the worst position in poker, and being the dealer is the best.

Poker Strategy - 4/8 - Playability

Another common mistake among starting Texas Hold'em players is to play too many hands. Sure, if you see every flop there's the chance your garbage pocket cards will suddenly become a winning poker hand ... but don't expect that to happen too often. I'll show you how the "playability" of your hand affects whether you call, or whether you fold.

Poker Strategy - 5/8 - How To Bet

Betting can be a confusing aspect of poker for newbies. Do you just wait until you have an unbeatable hand, and then go all-in? Or do you just limp in with the hope that your cards will transform into a full house before your very eyes? I'll take you through the three types of bet you can make: The value bet, the bluff bet, and the dead money bet.

Poker Strategy - 6/8 - Ranges

If you knew what cards your opponent held, then you'd definitely have one up on them. In poker you can do the very next best thing - assign your opponent a range. This is a range of probable hands that your opponent has, based on the up-cards and his play so far. In this article I explain how to assign your opponent a range, and also introduce some concepts for poker notation.

Poker Strategy - 7/8 - Combinations and Card Removal

Once you've worked out your opponent's range, you need to know how many possible hands he has, and how many of those possible hands will beat what you currently hold. You use card combinations to work this out, then play your own hand accordingly. Card removal is where you take into account cards that you already know - those in your hand or on the board.

Poker Strategy - 8/8 - Equity

Equity is a really difficult concept in Texas Hold'em poker to master - but all the top players can work out their hand's equity in their heads, and so soon will you! Your hand's equity is what your hand is worth if everything plays out on an "average" basis - and even though that very infrequently happens, it's still the best way of deciding whether it's worth making a bet or not!

Poker and the internet have come together to form a perfect marriage. Online poker play is riddled with both sharks and fishes - which catergory you belong to is up to you. Read the articles I've prepared for you at this site and soon it'll be you who is setting, and not taking the bait!

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