Poker Rules - The Basics of how to Play Texas Hold'em Poker and More!

Poker is not so much a game in itself, but the name of a group of games that all follow the same similar pattern. A poker game typically is all about the value of your cards. There is no trick-taking, as in Contract Bridge or Whist, and no continuously running through the deck as with Gin Rummy. In most forms of poker you're only ever given a small amount of cards by which you can make up your final hand.

The second most crucial aspect of poker is of course the betting. You're going to want to make more money from a fantastic hand, like a full house, than you would from a pair of aces. Each game has its own set of strategies by which you can maximise the monetary value of your hand.

You can't play poker without rules!

There are countless poker variants, and before you even consider heading out to the tables, you much make sure you fully understand the particular rules and nuances of the variant you are going to play. Say you're playing Texas Holdem poker with a K7 as your poker cards when K78 comes out on the flop. You've been blessed two pairs, so you bet heavily - and so does your opponent. The turn is a 2, so you bet heavily again - and so does your opponent. Then river is another 8, so you still have two pairs and you smile as your shove all your chips into the center of the table - then collapse as your opponent flips over two aces. Perhaps if you'd understood more about the rules of chance in Texas Holdem, you'd know that a kicker on the flop that's higher than your lowest pair is dangerous. If it's matched on the turn or the river then your second pair suddenly becomes worthless, and you're vulnerable to pocket pairs or your opponent's top pair being matched on the turn. This poker game is a little more complicated than you'd perhaps first thought!

Happily, I've provided a number of guides concerning the rules of each game you're likely to encounter. As well as going though the motions with an example deal, there's always a section at the end with a few handy tips to get you started with the correct strategies and things you need to look out for. Once you become competent, you can look out for the more detailed strategy guides that I've prepared.

Texas Hold'em
Omaha Poker
5-Card Draw Poker

The beauty of online poker is that no one can cheat. You may have read of programs that magically reveal everyone's cards sitting at the table but trust me, such things just don't exist. If they did, the huge poker rooms would club together and litigate the makers of such programs out of existence. The only way you can play online poker is legitimately, and the only way you can do that is by following the rules.

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